Exploring Salzburg

As our journey unfolds, we find ourselves at an Art museum “Museum der Moderne Salzburg”. I found the inside of the building to be a little unblemished. There is a restaurant in the museum that leads to a patio area just outside. Walk up some stairs and you find yourself on the out skirts of a wooded city park walk way. Follow the path to your left and a wonderful medieval portcullis that is inviting you back in time awaits. Through the portcullis you’ll find a keep as well as part of the wall that extends around the city.

Group 1

In Salzburg’s history it was a walled city, looking over the side of one of the walls you can see the old wall and some of its keeps off in the distance as well as some spectacular views. This is where I was, at one of the keeps. The walls and keeps kept the city protected.

Group 2

At one spot along the wall if you look straight down a perplexing sight can be seen, something that made my mind wonder back (it does not take much at times) to a time when the city was built. A shear rock face straight down to the floor of the old city. Is this the stones they used when building the city and walls.

Salzburg_Burberwehr Fortification_0116A

Across from the Burgerwehr Fortification, you can see Salzburg Castle (Hohensalzburg Fortress) once home of the archbishops of the area. The vantage point at which the castle sites gives you a view of the city and surroundings that you cannot get anywhere else.

Group 3

Hohensalzburg Fortress also known as Salzburg Castle sits atop a small hill (small compared to the majestic Austrian Alps) called Festungsberg. We were told by our very knowledgeable guide that the hill has been occupied since Rome times. The Castle as we see it today started out in 1077 and over the centuries became the focal point of the city that surrounds it and draws thousands of visitors a year.

Group 4

Group 5

Our tour guide gave us a since of what it would been like living back at the height of Salzburg Castle. It would have been a lively, terrifying, and hard living place to be. There are hundreds of rooms in the Castle but very few are open to the public for touring. There are some that can be rented out for special occasions but it would be awesome to see some of those rooms setup, as they would have been used back in the day. This comes with a cost, which the organization that is responsible for the up keep of the Castle could not cover. They are preserving the rooms and its contents for future possibilities.


I cannot wait until I came back to visit this beautiful, historical, location and the wonderful people that helped make this my first of many trips to Europe a great experience.