Upon arriving in Salzburg we were on a tight schedule, the Choir had a recital in the Salzburg Cathedral that evening. The Hostel we stayed at is a local business that had all the charm one would expect. The rooms were small but very inviting and comfortable. After unpacking and getting organized, that term is used loosely; we gathered up front and walked through the old town to the Cathedral. The little bit I saw told me we were in for an incredible adventure.

The town of Salzburg has been around for hundreds of years and the history in the architect shows the many layers that have built it up. As we approached the Cathedral the impressive view of the courtyard, statue, and structure made one wonder how the people from the past could make such magnificent and timely works of art. Once inside your mouth drops open with AHH as you forget to breathe. The artwork in all forms is nothing your imagination was ready for and this will be the norm throughout the other



As the Choir enchanted their audiences at each venue the art group, later known as the art nerds were able to venture forth and discover the Old Town (Altstadt) and this is where my adventure bug kicked in. I kind of miss placed the art nerds and went down one narrow street after another looking to see what was around the next corner. You would be amazed at what hides in plain sight waiting to be discovered. Who would have guessed you would find a statue like this in a courtyard of a jeweler or a plaque of unknown origin. The treasures I found only opened my imagination as to why and who built these marvels. A ships wheel hidden behind a locked gate would tell a story of the history of the Salzach River.


Looking around the next corner I come upon a staircase that leads to who knows where. At this point, I found the Art nerds and we ascend the stairs to find what lurks at the top. Before we get to the top we find another mystery, a gated doorway…. What treasures and stories are hidden behind this gate, but first need to find what is at the top of the stairs.

Continuing on we made it to the top. My first impression was where are we and what is this place. Seeing some elder women with flowers I asked and was rewarded with “it is an old cemetery and church”. We were welcomed to look around the grounds, and what grounds they were. The old headstones are of those of past Priests and important people of bygone times.


Outside the walls was one of the most captivating sites I had seen since I was there. To look over the town and it’s surrounding from this vantage point makes you what to say YES I am home, never going to leave.