In March of 2018, I had the honor of going to Austria with my Granddaughter. Some of the art students were invited to go with the Kelly Walsh Choir on their American Celebration of Music sponsored by Music Celebration International tour I have been dreaming of a European trip for as long as I can remember and Austria is as good a place to start. We left DIA and headed to the land beyond, Munich Germany. I’ve been on some long flights before and the food that is served is nothing to write home about. This flight was on a plane above anything I could have imagined. The food was outstanding in my opinion.

When we flew over Munich and landed it was like coming home. You know the feeling you get after a long journey and you’re on the home stretch, relief. Now anyone that flies these long distance knows the first thing you’re looking forward to doing is to stretch your legs. You’re in luck….this airport has your back.


While we were waiting for the buses to pick us up and transport us on our journey to Salzburg we waited at the front of the airport.  I wasn’t looking to grab anything before getting on the tour bus, however, the smell from the bakery was Heaven on Earth and yes it was at the front doors where the buses were picking us up. This is almost cruel in such a delicious way.Munich airport_2723

After loading our luggage and getting settled in we were to have a tour of Munich however with our plane getting out of Denver late we were unable to do this. Very very sad, I was looking forward to seeing this rebuilt time capsule of a city. The trip from Munich to Salzburg we were transported through time. The small villages we passed was like looking through an hourglass to the past.  I would have liked to stop and every one of them to get an up close and personal view, maybe next time. Upon arriving at our first destination we were greater with a view that inspires dreams of old, Salzburg Castle.